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Fibonacci series highlights the importance of the golden ratio – Whether it’s the Mona Lisa, or the perfect spiral, the golden ratio appears in many elements in nature, technology, art and the human body. The golden ratio as derived from Fibonacci series denotes perfect symmetry – one that is not only pleasing to the senses but wholly balanced, accurate and long-lasting.

At Fibonaccus

our golden ratio for clients refers to our focus on the following

Retainer Programs (Quarter | Bi-Annual |Annual)

our golden ratio for clients refers to our focus on the following

Fibonaccus excels in shaping a new era of corporate leadership, transcending the traditional methods and metrics of marketing and communications. Our approach embraces the principles of stakeholder value-creation, reminiscent of the harmonious Fibonacci series. Just as each number in the Fibonacci sequence builds upon the previous, we help our clients cultivate a leadership style that encompasses the diverse interests of customers, employees, shareholders, communities, society, and the planet.

With Fibonaccus by your side, your organization becomes a catalyst for productive dialogue, fostering constructive behaviors that pave the way for positive change and a future that holds boundless possibilities. We understand the significance of what’s next and stand ready to guide you in achieving enduring success through enlightened leadership.

  1. Executive Communications (Social media presence | Internal Communications | Media & Analyst Relations)
  2. Corporate Communications ( Public Relations | Corporate Profiling | Leadership Profiling |  Media Relations)
  3. Reputation Management ( Crisis Communications | Stakeholder mapping & engagement | Public Policy | Reactive & Proactive Communications | Media Strategy )
  4. Digital Marketing (Lead Generation & Funnel Management | Customer Engagement | Product Newsletters | EDMs | Campaign Strategy)

Project Based Programs (Intensive workshops | Activity-based pay-as-you-go)

our golden ratio for clients refers to our focus on the following

In the midst of the dynamic shifts brought about by the Great Resignation and Great Reshuffle, Fibonaccus’s Workplace & Employer Branding (WEB) practice stands as a guiding light. Just as the Fibonacci series embodies a natural sequence of growth and harmony, we understand that the evolving landscape of the digital age and the emergence of a vibrant Zillennial workforce necessitate a reimagining of the employee experience.


This is why we are the first integrated communications firm to offer PR as a Service.

This Pay-as-you-go approach ensures you have the flexibility and agility to deliver on your immediate priorities without the need for capex commitments. Think of this as your very own Pop-Up Marketing, Events, People & Comms team. 

  1. Spokesperson Training ( Media & Analyst engagement preparation & handling techniques | Mock Sessions | Narrative development | Response Management | In-Camera Performance Audit)
  2. Authored Articles & Thought Leadership Content Development (Opinion pieces | Social Media posts | Internal/External Speeches | Internal/External Event Presentation)
  3. Regional Media Amplification ( Vernacular Media Outreach | Press Materials Translation | Vernacular Media Meetings & Events )
  4. Influencer Relations ( Influencer Identification & Mapping | Influencer Outreach & Negotiation | Deliverables Management )
  5. Internal Events Management (Planning | Theme development & Design | Event execution | Corporate Gifting )
  6. Campaign Marketing (Theme development |Customer Emails | Product Newsletters | EDMs | Campaign Planning & Execution )
  7. Industry Events (Award Nominations | Keynote development | Events mapping & Identification | Deliverable Negotiations | Sponsorships )

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With our expertise, we partner with companies and leaders to navigate change, foster a resilient culture, and cultivate high-performing communities in the ever-changing realm of the modern workplace. Like the Fibonacci series, where each number builds upon the preceding ones, we work hand in hand with our clients to create an ecosystem that propels continuous growth, adaptability, and a positive employee experience both today and tomorrow. Together, let’s unlock the transformative power of your organization and usher in an era of harmonious collaboration and thriving talent.